Who are goodboox?

We are book-lovers selling good children’s books written in the mother language of families living abroad. No need to outline the importance of good children's books. Parents will know.

Who are these books for?

Originally they were for the author’s son who wanted a new story told every night. Now, these stories have been refined and beautifully illustrated into standalone books, suitable for boys and girls aged 5-12 and their parents. The books narrative will provoke questions and stimulate engaged quality time between readers. It's not just about a happy ending. More info and links to press releases can be found in the About page.

Who publishes these books?

The first two books of the series are published by Διάδραση and have been officially approved by the Cyprus ministry of education for distribution within public schools and can be found in all major book stores in Cyprus and in Greece. This website has exclusive rights to sell everywhere else.

How can I order?

We use a PayPal checkout system which accepts all major credit cards and online accounts.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver first class to the UK,  and plan to ship to USA, Australia, and selected EU countries soon (delivery costs vary).

Are there more books?

Yes, these are just the first two of the series. We would also love to hear from you so please send us your comments.

Can I return a book?

We do not accept returns but would gladly send a second one if the order didn't arrive or arrived damaged.

Can you sell my books too?

Why not? Send us your contact details and what your books are about and we will do our best.